Centre County Elections

Vote-by-Mail Data (Primary Election 2020)

* The discrepancy in Applications Returned and Ballots Sent is represented by three voters who cancelled in Centre County and one voter who requested the ballot be cancelled.

As of…Applications ReturnedBallots SentBallots ReturnedSimplified ReportDetailed Report
Tue 6/2/202022,07522,07019,114PDFPDF
Mon 6/1/202022,07422,07017,580PDFPDF
Fri 5/29/202022,07022,06615,028PDFPDF
Thur 5/58/202022,06922,06411,999PDFPDF
Wed 5/27/202022,06421,88611,788PDFPDF
Tue 5/26/202021,53620,6219,417PDFPDF
Fri 5/22/202020,15419,9799,107PDFPDF
Thur 5/21/202019,49819,3158,308PDFPDF
Wed 5/20/202019,15918,5556,418PDFPDF
Tue 5/19/202018,34818,1366,217PDFPDF
Mon 5/18/202017,78517,1194,571PDFPDF
Fri 5/15/202016,79616,5424,213PDFPDF
Thur 5/14/202016,39316,0343,670PDFPDF
Wed 5/13/202015,65615,4072,185PDF PDF 
Tues 5/12/202014,99714,5062,167PDF PDF 
Mon 5/11/202014,13713,0241,157PDF PDF 
Fri 5/8/202013,86310,7211,149PDF PDF 
Thur 5/7/202013,2678,957969PDF PDF 

First data set is from Thursday, May 7, 2020. Data will be posted each business day (M-F) until the Primary Election.